Norwich Dance Club



4:00 pm - Ballroom Dance Lesson

  • We learn Ballroom Dance routines and practice
  • No prior experience required, suitable for everyone
  • Partners are required for this program
  • We learn the basic steps to Rumba, Swing, Waltz, Cha-Cha and Tango.

5:00  pm - Practice

  • Couples practiced the steps and the dance instructors coach


Sunday Ballroom Dance Lessons for Couples

Beginner Level - All Welcome

For weddings or social events, the Ballroom Dance Lesson program is a great program for beginner dancers interested in social dance.

What you can expect:

This is a beginner level only class.  Students learn the fundamentals of ballroom dance.  Only 4 steps are taught for basic ballroom dance styles.  The group gets plenty of time to practice and gain comfort with the dance steps taught.


Dress shoes are required on the dance floor.  Sneakers and open sandals are dangerous - you can hurt your knees.  Any dress shoe will do. The attire is casual.  

Skill level:

No prior dance experience required.  Most of our students are adults who never danced before and suddenly have to dance at at cruise or or a wedding...we get them ready in four weeks to dance!