Norwich Dance Club


Our Latin Dance programs are much more than exercise, they provide an opportunity for people, especially professional women, to reduce stress, stretch and find good energy from the music and graceful movement.  Although dancing is an excellent choice of exercise for weight loss, if you want to actually lose weight, you'll probably need to put in more dance time or up your intensity. Monitoring your calorie intake can help you reach your weight-loss goal faster.

We do promise a special experience.  Our students say that at the end of the session, their mood improves, they feel energized and the stress level is gone.  We are not a competition dancing studio so forget about having to know how to dance.  These dance programs are much more about laughing, meeting others and having a good time.  Our group has been together for more than 7 years and they all value the amazing opportunity to have fun.

If you have never dance, here are the good news.  You can stay in the back and move to your own beat of the music.  In fact, we have many students who have chosen to do so and their personal expression of music and movement inspires them every week to relax and improve their balance.


It is hard to show up to a class unannounced.  No worries!  Give me a call and I will prepare for your visit.  In fact, your first visit is free of charge.  This is a community group, our priority is to preserve a place for dancing for adults.  My number is 607-334-7526.  I hope to see you soon.

Martha Ryan

Dance Shoes Are Suggested For Studio Classes.

Latin dance is very sexy and energetic.  We require dance shoes with a good ankle support, a small heel and soft soles for easy gliding on the wood floor.  Dance Shoes allow you to keep your ankles and your body balanced and they give you a comfortable grip on the floor to avoid falls.  Sneakers and shoes with rubber soles are not safe in the ballroom as they may cause injuries.  Also open sandals without ankle straps are not recommended.  You knees and back are a beautiful thing!  We want to keep you safe and healthy.

You can purchase dance shoes on-line at Discount Dance (see coupon on right side).  We have a teacher code that gives you a 10% discount.  Or you can bring a comfortable shoe with at least 1/2 inch heel and closed ankle support to the Cobbler in Norwich.  For about $15. they will put suede patches on the soles and new rubber hill tips.  This would be good for beginners.  Although, I strongly encourage students to purchase dance shoes.  They are made of soft leather that molds to your feet and they have a strong bar connecting the heel to the show to prevent splitting of the shoe when moving.