Norwich Dance Club



5:00 pm - Salsa Solo Session

  • We learn salsa routines and practice
  • Excellent for people with basic knowledge of salsa dancing
  • No partners required for this program

6:00 pm - Advanced Session
  • Back to Back Salsa Dance Music
  • Couples can come and practice new routines

$5. at the door - no commitments

$20 per month or $99 for the year

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I you want to learn how to dance salsa or use salsa as an exercise alternative, this class and session is perfect for you.    This class has no performance goals, this is for relaxation, stress buster and camaraderie.  New students join in every month and come during the times of the year when it is convenience.  If you have a partner or want to partner with others, the session after 6pm is excellent to practice your routines.

What you can expect:

You can enjoy the high energy from this session and challenge your skill level  Salsa dancing is excellent to build strength, balance and grace.  The music is contagious.


You must wear dance shoes for this class.  Sneakers are not permitted in the dance floor.

Skill level:

This lesson is best for people who danced in the past any of the latin dance styles.  Experience with salsa dancing is preferable but students with good fitness and strength can learn all the basic steps to salsa with us!


A comfortable shoe with strap and ankle support is the safer choice for your ankles and knees.  Open sandals, open pumps are not recommended.

However, if you have a pair of good shoes you wish to use for dancing, click here for pads that you can glue to the bottom of the sole.

We still recommend dance shoes as your first options.  Check this link for discounted dance shoes